"If you're going through Hell, keep going."
-Winston Churchill

Feb 11, 2011

Handicap isn't all bad

I've learned to look at my glass half full. That perspective, and my twisted sense of humor, has gotten me far in life. As I go through this journey I realize, being handicapped isn't all that bad. In no particular order, here are the perks that accompany my disability.

1. All my meals are prepared and served hot, even in bed!
2. Wearing the cutest shoes without worrying if they hurt my feet or not.
3. Good parking, of course.
4. And GREAT seats.
5. Along with #4, I always have a place to sit.
6. Strangers are incredibly nice to me.
7. My mom is like my personal hair stylist.
8. And personal make up artist.
9. AND personal shopper.
10. I can do laps without getting out of breath.
11. If ever mistreated, the ADA has got my back.
12. Service monkey!!? Need I say more
13. Pimping your chair is cheaper than pimping a car.
14. You never run out of goals for yourself
15. Thanks to vocational rehab I get a personal attendant.
16. I never have to worry about doing the dishes or cleaning.
17. Plenty of time to catch up on shows, movies, books, etc.
18. I can drink and drive without consequence.
19. Should there be said consequence, there is no way they're getting me in back of a cop car.
20. The ability to be more open minded towards all the little things we daily take for granted.

All a matter of perspective my friends!

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